David Tanzer

Head shot: David Tanzer

David has been working as an independent trainer, consultant and coach since 2006. He gathered his experience at multiple international clients in vastly different projects.

He is the author of React vs. Angular, a FREE website that teaches you the similarities and differences of both frameworks, and also of some books.

Homepage: davidtanzer.net
Twitter: @dtanzer

Virtual Office Hours

Do you want to talk about how you or your team can become more efficient and effective at creating software? And how you can have more fun and work in a more satisfactory way? Let's have one or more 30-minute video calls where we can discuss:

  • Agile engineering practices and how they improve how quickly you can respond to changes
  • Continuous refactoring and evolutionary design
  • Test-driven development as your thinking tool and safety net
  • Working together effectively in a team by using version control, pair programming and mob programming when appropriate
  • Testing strategies and types of tests you will need to deliver more quickly

Book your first 30-minute call now - The first 2 calls are FREE (appointments depending on availability). Or contact me via email (see below) or per direct message on Twitter.

Contact Info

+43-676-53 47 723

David Tanzer
Stadlgasse 17
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