“Why are good people stuck in bad jobs?”

I read that on a whiteboard somewhere and immediately regretted that I missed that discussion.

Now, I decided to start a short video series around the topic.

Intro (TL;DR)

Even in our industry, where it’s still relatively easy to find a job - at least compared to other industries - there are some people who feel stuck at their job. Who feel stuck in a bad job.

In the next few videos, I want to talk about reasons why one might feel stuck in a bad job and things they could try to change that.

And to do this, I need your help.

Question / Problem

My name is David and I am an independent consultant and trainer. I love what I do. Different clients, long and short projects, teaching, coaching, working people…

And yet, I can totally relate to people feeling stuck at their job. Sometimes I feel stuck too. Not necessarily in a bad job (although I had those too), but also stuck at what I am doing and where I am in my career.

And I spend a considerable amount of time and effort on things that I think will make sure I don’t get actually stuck.


In this video series, I want to talk about reasons to get stuck and things people could try to get out.

I will talk about the things I do, but I do not want to talk only about me.

Please tell me your stories:

  • Did you ever feel stuck in a bad job? Or do you know someone who is?
  • Why did you feel stuck?
  • What exactly prevents you from getting out?
  • Did you already get out? If yes, how?

My DMs on Twitter are open, I am @dtanzer there. Or send me an email to business@davidtanzer.net.

I will anonymize your story and never mention your name or any company name.


How can we make sure that people do not feel stuck at bad jobs?

The best way would be to eliminate bad jobs. But that’s not something you can do by yourself, and it would take a long time, and it’s also quite subjective.

Maybe there are things you could do now to improve your situation?

In this video series, I want to talk about them.


And I need your help. Please tell me your stories: DM me on Twitter, where I am @dtanzer.

And then share this video with people you know, so I’ll hear more stories.

Read / watch all parts of this series here: