Comic about how to (not) start an agile transition. Transcript below the image.


Manager and Coach are in a conference room. Manager is holding a presentation.

Manager: Here’s how we want to plan our agile transition.

Manager: We start by laying out a roadmap…
shows a slide with a picture of a road and a lot of text

Manager: …and create a task force that will plan, oversee and control…
Coach: Aahhhmmm

The next slide shows a sequence of 7 steps, the last one is labelled “Agile”
Manager: The first few of these steps will be relatively quick…
Coach: 1970 called!

Now the same slide also has arrows pointing back from every step to the previous step
Manager: Maybe we will have to go back one step from time to time…
Coach: Seriously, do you know Winston Walker Royce?

Coach: Can’t we do the transition in a more agile way?

Manager: No, you don’t understand. We only have to be agile after the transition…

Manager: And that’s what we will do!