Comic about going back to a restrictive work-from-home policy after the pandemic. Transcript below the image.


Boss: We need new home-office rules for after the pandemic.

Coach: OK, just allow 100%, like you do now. Seems to work very well…

Boss: No, we can’t do that. But we’ll allow 2-3 days work-from-home per week.

Coach: Why? Are you trying to fill your empty office space again?
Boss: Nooo! We value face-to-face communication.

Coach: Then create rules for situations where face-to-face is required and allow work-from-home for the rest of the time.
Boss: Too complicated. 2-3 days.

Coach: But 100% remote seems to work very well for you!
Boss: 100% on-site worked well too. 2-3 days is a very generous offer from our side.

Coach: But people want planability. They will have fixed office days. Not everyone will come in on their work-from-home day just because the work would require face-to-face communication.
Boss: We need planability too. 2-3 days.

Coach: But you said you value face-to-fa…
Boss: Oh shut up now! - @dtanzer