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At DevTeams.AT we support your team in every phase of your projects: From planning to operations, from coding and testing at the computer to architecture and documentation. We offer the following services:

You know that you or your colleagues need to learn a new skill or technology. You also know that it is more effective to learn with an experienced trainer than on your own. We will help you acquire new skills.

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You know that something is not working well, but you don't know exactly what the problem is or which root cause created the problem. We can help you find out and find ways to deal with the problem.

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You are in the middle of an emergency. Or there's a problem that has been following you for too long. We come and solve your problem - Success guaranteed, otherwise it's free.

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"Architecture for Microservice Systems": April 25–27, 2023


Because of our expertise, we can support your team in every phase of your projects: Starting with and improving "Agile Methods", creating "Software Architecture" and "Documentation" and during coding and testing with "Agile Engineering Practices":

Agile Methods

Scrum or eXtreme Programming? Or maybe Kanban? How do you scale those methods?

Almost all companies want to become agile or went through and agile "transition" already. And many face problems. We help you to find anti-patterns and to improve continuously

Software Architecture

Evolutionary architecture - self-organized teams - just enough design up-front - microservices - domain driven design - ...

Times are changing for software architects. But architecture is more important than ever. We can support you and help you find the right architecture.

Agile Engineering Practices

"To be successful with Agile, you need three things: Technical excellence, technical excellence, technical excellence" -- A scrum trainer.

But what does that mean? What do you have to learn, where do you have to get better to become more agile? We will help you find out.

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Every one of our experts have over 10 years of experience in international software projects:

David Tanzer

Head shot: David Tanzer

Hubert Ströbitzer

Head shot: Hubert Ströbitzer

Rene Pirringer

Head shot: Rene Pirringer

Robert Schmelzer

Head shot: Robert Schmelzer