How does an idea become a winning idea?

In Summer 2019, I interviewed Antony Marcano about “3X Thinking”, and this led me to “explore” (ha!) a bit more. Here, I want to collect the interviews with Antony any my own thoughts and ideas about the topic.

Read / watch all parts of “#3Xthinking” here:

Quick Intro

3X Thinking is based on the idea that payoff (of an idea, feature, project, endeavour, …) is linked to success, and that this relationship is non-linear. It was originally coined by Kent Beck.

There are three phases: eXplore, eXpand and eXtract (the three Xs). And you need different approaches during those three phases, since the “rules of the game” are different in each phase.

In my interviews with Antony we’ll explain those ideas in much more detail.

Read more about the basics: