You know that you or your colleagues need to learn a new skill or technology. You also know that it is more effective to learn with an experienced trainer than on your own. We will help you acquire new skills.

We believe in giving teams the knowledge to become more efficient, create software sustainably and have more fun in the process.

We teach the skills that they're going to need but wouldn't know how to ask for. And we can help support them when they further practice what they have learned, e.g. in a "3+2 day training" (see below).

David selected exactly the right topics for us – Better than I had thought would be possible in a workshop. I can already use what we have learned in my day-to-day work, and I see that others around me have changed their way of working too.

Simon B., Workshop Attendee

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We provide training around the following topics:

Software Architecture

Evolutionary architecture - self-organized teams - just enough design up-front - microservices - domain driven design - ...

Times are changing for software architects. But architecture is more important than ever. We can support you and help you find the right architecture.

We have not finished defining our architecture training courses yet. But you can already request "Architecture" trainings, and we will tailor them exactly to your needs:

Our Experts for "Software Architecture":

Head shot: Robert Schmelzer
Head shot: Hubert Ströbitzer
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Agile Engineering Practices

"To be successful with Agile, you need three things: Technical excellence, technical excellence, technical excellence" -- A scrum trainer.

But what does that mean? What do you have to learn, where do you have to get better to become more agile? We will help you find out.

Agile teams must learn to get better - even excellent! - in many different areas. Pair programming, test-driven development, refactoring, evolutionary design, ... - they must know these practices.

They also need a testing strategy, branching strategy, must know how to cope with legacy code and how to deliver software iteratively and incrementally.

And you can learn those things; e.g. with our trainings for "Agile Engineering Practices":

Our Experts for "Agile Engineering":

Head shot: David Tanzer
Head shot: Rene Pirringer
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Agile Methods

Scrum or eXtreme Programming? Or maybe Kanban? How do you scale those methods?

Almost all companies want to become agile or went through and agile "transition" already. And many face problems. We help you to find anti-patterns and to improve continuously

Your team already "does" Scrum, Kanban, Extreme Programming or another eagile method, and you are looking for ideas and ways to become even better?

Or you had an agile transition; but you have a feeling that not everything is perfect yet. The feeling that you did not reach "true business agility" yet?

Or you want to become agile or more agile and want to avoid agile anti-patterns - You need a crash-course?

Maybe one of our trainings can help you:

  • Agile Software Development: Basics (2 days): What are Scrum, Kanban, eXtreme Programming? As a team and as a company, what do you have to change to become more agile successfully? In this training, you will learn all the basics.
  • Agile Software Development: Advanced (2 or 3 days): Get into the topic of agile software development more deeply: Learn more about topics you already know and learn about advanced topics like Three-X, User Story Mapping, Leadership, etc. .

Our Experts for "Agile Methods":

Head shot: David Tanzer
Head shot: Robert Schmelzer
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You want to learn a new technology; or you want to deepen and improve on a technology you are already using?

Our experts use different technologies in their day-to-day work. And so, we can offer training, consulting and coaching around those technologies.

We offer the following "Technology" trainings:

Our Experts for "Technologies":

Head shot: David Tanzer
Head shot: Hubert Ströbitzer
Head shot: Rene Pirringer
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