Agile Engineering Practices - Training

As a developer, learn practices and methods that your team will need to become more agile.

Training attendees in front of a laptop working on program code

To be able to develop software in an agile way, developers must learn techniques like test-driven development, pair programming, evolutionary design, continuous integration, agile documentation and many more. And they must know when and how to use those techniques.

In this hands-on workshop, developers will practice techniques they will need to develop software using agile processes.

Attendees will learn practices they will need in an agile team, like:

  • Software design principles, evolutionary design
  • Agile software architecture
  • Pair programming / mob programming
  • Testing, test-driven development (TDD)
  • Agile acceptance testing
  • Surviving legacy code
  • Continuous integration / continuous delivery
  • Version control / branching patterns
  • Technical documentation

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