Advanced TDD with Swift Unleash your TDD Superpowers

Date: March 12-13, 2020
Pre-Day: Februar 28, 2020 (Remote)
Location: Hotel Ibis City, Linz, Austria

Learn advanced test driven development of iOS apps in this fun, high-energy, hands-on training!

Schematic: The Red-Green-Refactor cycle of TDD

You know a bit of TDD, but you struggle to use it in “real-life situations”? This training is for you. We will show you advanced techniques for test-driving iOS apps and getting started with legacy code (see below).

And if you want to even practice the basics again, don’t worry: We will teach a third day, two weeks before the main event, where we will bring you up-to-speed.

In two or three days, you will learn together with a group of fellow iOS developers…


In the main training, we expect you to know the basics of TDD and to also have some practice. Not sure if that applies to you? Or you want to practice the basics again, with a motivated group of fellow developers?

Learn the basics of test-driven development with Swift, or practice them again.

  • How test-driven development works, especially in Swift
  • How to write good unit tests
  • What pitfalls you should avoid
  • How test-driven development can help you find software design problems

Remote Training: We will do this pre-day two weeks before the main training. To make it easier for you to make your travel arrangements, the pre-day will be a video call. We can still write code together - We did remote technical trainings before, and they worked well.

Main Training

  • How to design modular systems where each part can be tested
  • How to practice evolutionary software design, guided by tests
  • How to solve testing challenges that are inherent in iOS development (Controllers, app delegates, singletons, layouts, …)
  • When and how to refactor in safe-to-fail, reversible steps
  • How and why to take smaller steps
  • How to test the interaction of your system with the outside world, e.g. using REST APIs
  • How to test closures and how to test with closures
  • How to deal with legacy code

We will spend a lot of time doing hands-on practice and discussing different approaches and trade-offs. So, you will not only learn together with each other, but also from each other. And from your Trainers Rene Pirringer, Jon Reid and David Tanzer.

Head shot: Rene Pirringer
Head shot: Jon Reid
Head shot: David Tanzer


2 Days (Main Training)3 Days (incl. Pre-Day)
Incl. VATExcl. VATIncl. VATExcl. VAT
Super Early Bird:994,80€ 829,00 1198,80€ 999,00
Early Bird:1198,80€ 999,00 1378,80€ 1149,00
Regular:1498,80€ 1249,00 1678,80€ 1399,00

Minimum number of attendees is 6.

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Date: March 12-13, 2020
Pre-Day: Februar 28, 2020 (Remote)
Location: Hotel Ibis City, Linz, Austria

Make sure to book the Three-Days version if you want to attend the pre-day, where we learn and practice the basic TDD skills with Swift again!

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