Test-Driven Development - Training

As a developer, learn practices and methods that your team will need to become more agile.

Schematic: The Red-Green-Refactor cycle of TDD

Test-driven development (or TDD) seems to be so simple - “Red, Green, Refactor” - and yet it is often difficult to use it in “the real world”.

In this two-day, hands-on workshop, developers and testers will learn and practice techniques to write good tests, to create and design testable software and to cope with difficulties and problems.

Attendees learn the basics of test-driven development and how to use them to write better production code faster:

  • Intro: Red-Green-Refactor
  • Taking smaller steps
  • Triangulation, test case calibration
  • Testable software designs
  • Outside-in TDD vs. inside-out TDD
  • Mock objekts / test doubles
  • Legacy code

Not sure if this training is for you? Read or watch this 8-part series by David Tanzer about difficulties during the first 2 phases of the red-green-refactor cycle, then come back to decide: Red-Green: Difficulties learning TDD

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