Consulting / Coaching

You know that something is not working well, but you don't know exactly what the problem is or which root cause created the problem. We can help you find out and find ways to deal with the problem.


You know that some things could work better in your team or your organization. But you do not know exaclty what root causes you should fight or what exactly you could try to improve.

You need someone who can help you identify the root of your problem and who will show you alternative ways to tackle the problem. You need Consulting


You have identifed some deficite or improvement opportunity; and now you want to improve. Maybe you't like to work on your technical practices, your agile software development process or on your software architecture.

Now you are searching for someone who can guide your team down this path - who will walk with them for some time and help them implement the improvement. You need Coaching.

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Our experienced consultants and coaches can help your team in every phase of your projects:

  • From planning / conception to implementation to operations and maintenance
  • From coding / testing to software design / software architecture to strategic design
  • From “doing” Scrum / Kanban / … to working on true business agility

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Our Consultants and Coaches

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