Fire Fighting

You are in the middle of an emergency. Or there's a problem that has been following you for too long. We come and solve your problem - Success guaranteed, otherwise it's free.

Emergency? Fire Fighting?

You are facing a technical problem and you do not have the capacity to solve it yourself? You had to take over responsibility for a critical project? Or you are facing some other crisis?

Ask us - Maybe we can help you solve you most pressing problem, or we might know someone who can.

Hire Us for Fire Fighting!

Success Guaranteed!

When we can agree on a concrete goal and once we have accepted your order, we guarantee that:

We will reach the goal within the agreed-upon time or we will give you a 100% discount on our daily rate. So, if we are not successful, you will only pay our expenses.

Hire Us for Fire Fighting Now!

Our Fire-Fighters

Head shot: David Tanzer
Head shot: Hubert Ströbitzer
Head shot: Rene Pirringer
Head shot: Robert Schmelzer